I have always loved art in many forms. I love to design and create things. I always designed and created artistically as a hobby, but a few years ago decided to turn my passion for art and design into a career. I went back to school and got an associate’s degree in graphic design and now have my own business, specializing in helping you make your business stand out.

I do logo design, advertisements, brochures, business cards, flyers etc for businesses as well as personal items such as wedding invitations, birth announcements, framed gift art and so much more.

I also enjoy painting, drawing, and photography as well as making crafts and quilts. I love to crochet and sew. I have never been a person that gets bored because I have so many things I love to do. Designing and creating is fulfilling and so rewarding to me. I work from home, but also have a small office in town where I have a display area and meet with local clients.

I am a people person so I enjoy getting out and seeing people. I have set up a booth at several Home and Garden Expos and had a great time meeting new people. My goal is to eventually venture into the craftshow market as well. I love to get out and see the way other people are gifted and the creativity that God has given each one. I love Etsy because there is such a vast amount of creativity that was previously untouched. It is a great outlet for creative minds and hands.

I have 3 children, 1 who is married with 2 grand-babies, and an amazing husband. We live in the country and enjoy the peace and quiet that goes with it. The beauty of nature often inspires me in my design work. We love to travel, but don't have time to do much of that at this time.

The name of my shop comes from my need of God's grace in all that I do. I think of my life like that of a butterfly who was transformed from a caterpillar via the cocoon. My life was similarly transformed when Jesus came into my life and set me free. Now by His Grace I can fly and design and create beautiful things.

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